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AuraDB Storage Usage 100% despite removing nodes

Hello, I am using AuraDB Professional and we have been using the monitoring metrics to monitor our db size. At a certain point last week, we were at 98% of storage usage on a 64gb usage with (~170milliion nodes) so we pushed up a code change to remo...

eric7 by Node
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How to connect Aura in a protected way

Is it possible to put Aura "behind a firewall?" We have a backend infrastructure in AWS, and we would like to use Aura in a protected way. Is it possible to harden network security of Aura somehow. As far as I know it is not possible to provision an ...

szenyo by Node Clone
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Video: Getting started with Aura, Neo and Python

Is there a video walking beginners through the Aura DB from Python instructions? Also, it would be useful to see a simplified example Python program showing how to connect to and do something with the database which beginners could try out. Does some...

Resolved! CRITICAL - AURA - Can not write anymore

Hi there Neo4j Desktop 1.4.12 Neo4j server version : 4.4.0 Neo4j browser version: 4.4.1 I cannot execute this query : CALL apoc.periodic.iterate("MATCH (n:Keyword) RETURN n", "DETACH DELETE n", {batchSize:1, parallel:false}) Cluster role: FOLLOWER, i...

ERROR SessionExpired with Aura

Hi community Sometimes I get this error with Aura ERROR SessionExpired WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver. Please use your browsers developm...

Migrate from AuraDB to AuraDS

Hi, I understand only limited users are invited to use AuraDS. Therefore, our team considered using AuraDB in the first place, then migrated to AuraDS after the service was released. My question is: Is it possible to migrate from AuraDB to AuraDS?Wha...

Unable to Connect to/Test Free AuraDB Server URI

Howdy, I have a FREE AuraDB server I am trying to test the connection string of in a couple of different ways. Neither are working. 1. Postman Using Post > neo4j+s:// Auth > Basic > uname | pword Body > { "statements": [{ "s...

kave by Node Clone
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Is possible to use Neo4j Cloud(AuraDB) in China?

Hello, I notice graph database for sometimes. Starting from Dgraph, and now Neo4j. Is possible to use Neo4j Cloud(AuraDB) in China? Considering of Great Fire Wall of China maybe block the connection. Has any solution? I don't consider self-hosted if ...

Connect to Neo4j driver Aura issue

I have an issue in connecting to Neo4j driver using "laudis/neo4j-php-client": "^2.4.2" I'm using Neo4j Aura DB and the previous version "laudis/neo4j-php-client": "^2.3.3" was working good and after upgrading to the latest version I got this error ...

aerfan by Node Link
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