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Cypher query optimization

Hi everyone,I have a situation as follows: 60,000,000 nodes under the label Service from which I would like to create new nodes and relationships. I have the following query:     // Service CALL apoc.periodic.iterate( " MATCH (s:Service) RETURN ...

moving changed records from neo4j to kafka

I want to move changes records from neo4j to kafka. I can do it with Neo4j Streams plugin well but it is announced that the plugin is going to be deprecated after version 5. So, it is recommended to use kafka connect neo4j connector for this task. Ac...

Asset Management System for Visual Effects

Hi all, This time last year I started my journey in exploring Neo4j as a tool for one of the projects I started work on. I am a Visual Effects Technical Director, developing visual effects for movies as my day job. An Asset Management System is vital...

Explore the Neo4j Entity Resolution Sandbox

Entity resolution (ER) is the process of analyzing and disambiguating of data to identify multiple digital records representing same real-world entity such as a person, organization, place, or other types of object.For instance, a user can have more ...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Cypher Map Projection

Let Neo4j Format Your Cypher Result as a Ready-to-Use JSON Object for GraphQL or Object-Graph Mapping ApplicationsCredits: is a visual graph query language used by the Neo4j graph database. It lets you wr...

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Neo4j DevTools “It’s Finally Spring Here” Release

With winter officially behind us, we at Neo4j have been busy in the workshop sharpening our (Dev)Tools with meticulous precision to bring you the latest releases. In this release, we’ve got new features to further improve your data load experience in...

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Handling Authentication and Identity with Neo4j and Auth0

Handling Authentication and Identity With Neo4j and Auth0We’re heavy users of Auth0 at Neo4j, with many of our products and services using Auth0 for authentication. For example, when logging into Neo4j Aura or Neo4j Sandbox, you are greeted with a cu...

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Migrating from Neo4j 3.5 to 4.0

I made a short YouTube demonstration video showing upgrading a 3.5 community machine to Neo4j Community 4.0. I hope it's helpful and speeds the process for people adopting the new stuff!

University's final project

hello! I am considering the use of neo4j for my university's final project. My project consists of developing a web platform for family trees I would like to ask if I can save images in neo4j nodes. If I can save images, how can I do it? Thank you ve...