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Simple GUI for basic data entry and structuring?

Is there a simple GUI with (say) drop-down selection lists, predictive text etc which allows the gradual building of a database by a db noob as he gradually learns neo4j, cypher, front-end web languages etc? Something like: Click "Create" (Node, type...

Resolved! Hosting a neo4j solution on the web

Hello there... I happened to browse through a collection of chapters in a book that were a good candidate for a graph db (about the use of plants as medicines to common ailments) and i ended up writing a short NLP program in python before i could ins...

Propel by Node Link
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About the General Discussions board

  The General Discussions board is meant as a location to ask non-technical questions either about Neo4j, or about the Graph Community in general. Use the General Discussion board for some of the following: Looking for a job OR hiring for a position...

TrevorS by Community Team
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Hello, Is there a way to display only the graph that is generated, on the frontend of a web app? Thank you

Best way to build a Social Media Platform

Hello Everyone, I am a fullstack dev and wanted to build a social media platform to explore the possibilities with different databases But I am really struggling to decide what should be the best database or databases to implement all these features...

Error when I start my index.js

Hi All, I changed up my typedefs and copied and pasted them into the starter code for graphql. I'm running into an error in my terminal and nothing I've tried has fixed things. Any thoughts on this error: Error: Encryption/trust can only be confi...

Cypher Fundamentals Sandbox doesn't connect

Hello! I've started the Cypher Fundamentals Course, but I cannot start the sandbox relative to the course. Even inserting the correct username and pswd, it fails to connect when i use the command ":server connect" Does someone knows the correct proce...

Choosing the right instance type for neo4j

Hello, I need some advice regarding choosing the best instance for neo4j. We expect to start with 200 million relationships (around 5 properties) and 50 million nodes (around 5 properties as well). We won't have many users for now, but we have writes...

Display Label names in Sandbox

I'm experimenting with the Neo4j Sandbox. I created a node with a label and a property key-value pair but I can't figure out how to display the Label name as an option? The best I can do is display the property value but in this case I want to show t...

brent1 by Node Link
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Resolved! Unique node for different properties

Help! I'm trying to create a graph from the patient data. The graph I created gives me different nodes for the unique values of the property. Im looking to create a single node for different property. In the below image the graph shows many PH nodes...

Graph Visualization in Web app UI

Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm looking for a help. Is there a way where I can make the graph from neo4j sandbox displayed on a web app UI, where it would get easier for the user to make decisions based on the graph. Any help is much appreciated Thanky...