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Neo4r - Problem with Connection

Hello, Iam using neo4j Desktop and have created a local database and tried to connect unsuccessfully to my graph from R witn neo4r in the following way: con <- neo4j_api$new( url = "http://localhost:7474", user = "neo4j", password = rstudioapi::askFo...

I cannot connect to a Neo4j AuraDB Instance

I created a Neo4j AuraDB database where I have dumped the movie recommendation dataset. I am able to start and connect to the instance in the cloud. However, when I try to connect to the instance via its API in R Studio, using the neo4r package and t...

Cannot connect

Hello! I am trying to understand Neo4J Version 4.2.1 and how it is used in R. I am using the localhost:7474 as my url with the Neo4R package in R. However whenever I navigate to that website to find out my username and password, the link is broken...

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Where can I find a NEO4J Version 3.5.x?

I found out the reason that I could not connect Neo4J to R is that I have Neo4J Desktop Version 4.2.1 which is not compatible with Neo4R. Can someone provide some information on where I can find this 3.5.x version because I keep getting directed to ...

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NEO4J graph in R

Hello, I am connecting NEOj4 with R and creating a node-relationship graph. When I plot it directly in NEOj4, it comes out properly, but in R all the nodes just say the heading instead of each node's title/id/name. Getting this: Instead of this: Pl...

Example with the Movie database

Hi everyone! I finally made the neo4r movie database example, I didn't follow the neo4j example because it didn't cover the main functions of the neo4r package. Also, there are some issues to fix. Anyway, I prefer to wait for revision to merge in the...

About the R category

Neo4j has been useful for R developers via RNeo4j. A newer driver “neo4r” is more actively developed and maintained. There is additional work for knitr integregration and plans for r-notebooks. GitHub Repository for Issue reportingDeveloper GuideNeo...