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Future of PHP Support

Could somebody tell what is the future of neo4j support for PHP? Graphaware repositories are now archived, and this don't sound good. I've started a project with PHP and neo4j, and for now I can't even upgrade to neo4j 4.1 because of unsupported bolt...

Connect to Neo4j Aura with the PHP

This is a very useful step-by-step guide to connect to Neo4j AuraDB from PHP: Medium – 17 Dec 21 Building a Web App with Neo4j AuraDB and PHP If you have decided to leverage the power of the worlds’ leading graph dat...

Connect to Neo4j specific database

Hi, I am new to neo4j. I am able to use this neo4j client to connect to the database laudis-technologies/neo4j-php-client Php client for neo4j database. Contribute to laudis-technologies/neo4j-php-client dev...

New neo4j PHP client and driver

Hello everyone, I am the author of the neo4j PHP client library. We have recently released v2.0 which added lots of new features. You can read about the client here: or visit the reposit...

Very slow connecting

Hello all, i think i have a connection problem from my local Apache-Server to my local Neo4j-Server. The connection always takes about a second. Can this be a configuration problem? I use the default configuration from Neo4j in version 3.4.1 and PHP...

Michka by Node
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Can we use neo4j 4.0 with PHP?

After playing enough with neo4j alone, I decided to integrate it to my PHP project, and searched for drivers or whatever it is called. The only not abandoned github repository I found, the one called a partner on this forum, stopped development like ...

How to connect neo4j desktop with php client?

Before I succed connect neo4j community with php client. Now I try to neo4j desktop, when I created a database (database name:bigal) in neo4j desktop, how to connect it with neo4j php client? require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; use GraphAware\Neo4j\C...

james3 by Node
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Simple bolt driver

Hi. I've passion for PHP and I fall in love with Neo4j. I was looking for opportunity to use it for many years. It was worth it. But at first moment I was little disappointed about GraphAware PHP driver. It's huge and I like things simple. After shor...

Php graphware throwing handshake error

trying to connect neo4j internal server which is not ssl enabled . graphware php client throwing error of handshake so my question is is there any way to disable ssl support which is enabled by default . error is given below. string(91) "Handshake Ex...

t11 by Node Clone
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Resolved! Bolt+routing and PHP

I am setting up a causal cluster for an app that uses the neo4j-php-client library from Graphaware, but it does not seem as though bolt+routing is supported as a protocol. So first question if is that is correct and if that means that I will need to ...

Undefined method defaultStringLength()

Hi, i want to use Vinelab/Neoeloquent package with laravel project. Earlier, i used MySql for storing my data. Now I want to use neo4j for that purpose. I added "vinelab/neoeloquent":"1.4.7" in composer.json , in database.php 'default' => env('DB_CON...

Database [neo4j] not configured

I want to connect Lumen PHP Framework to neo4j using NeoEloquent OMG but when I execute this command: php artisan make:migration create_author_table in console appear this message: Database [neo4j] not configured. These are my configurations: .env ...

About the PHP category

Most of the community efforts around PHP are available here. For bugs please report a GH issue Neo4j Client which features a Bolt and HTTP connector, as well as an OGMDeveloper GuideBolt PHP low-level library Symfony Bundle | Article NeoEloquent (La...