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How to make a table of result?

Below is a sample code from @mdfrenchman in the thread Response in the form of table/columns + data instead of records. But when I change the query to MATCH (n) RETURN it returns nothing. Does anyone have a working code that is willing to shar...

Ooker by Node
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Resolved! Does RxSession increase the speed?

Hello there Anyone who has experienced the promise, streaming and RxSession API, does RxSession increase the speed of data transfer from Neo4j to a javascript web sever if set properly? Thanks

Reactive session with JavaScript

Hello there I'm trying to make a simple code like this one below work, but it doesn't. Reactive session poorly documented in the JavaScript driver manual. Here is the code: function readTimebarDataReactive(entity,timebar) { start = new Date().getTi...

How to get the result of a system query in a web app

Hello, I'm building a web app using Node js and express. I'm able to get the result of queries using rest api and javascript driver but I want to kwow how to get the result of a query on system database using these methods. Find attach the code that ...

Map doesn't work in a Reactive session

Hello there The map function using the rxSession with Reactive doesn't work! Here is the code: const driver = neo4j.driver('bolt://localhost:7687', neo4j.auth.basic('neo4j', 'test'), { disableLosslessIntegers: true }); const session = driver.rxSess...

Neo4j driver node JS

Good morning everyone i'am trying to connect my nde js programe to neo4j by writing this programe below but not working const neo4j = require('neo4j-driver') const driver = neo4j.driver("bolt://localhost:7687", neo4j.auth.basic("karim", "karim")) con...

Gremlin, Nodejs, & Neo4j

I have Neo4j version 4.x server installed locally. Is there is a way to connect to it from Nodejs using Gremlin driver? I have tried this plugin: GitHub neo4j-contrib/gremlin-plugin A Plugin for the Neo4j server add Tink...

How to affect the pop up in neovis.js

Dear friends, I´m a newbie developing web-app and I´m looking for a way to affect or change a neovis.js pop-up changing it´s format and customize it with an image, hide some fields and style it. Can anybody help me?