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Connecting to Neo4j AuraDB from AWS nodejs lambda

Does anyone have difficulty connecting to the Neo4j AuraDB from AWS nodejs Lambda? My code connects to the Neo4j AuraDB and all test cases runs locally. The same code do not appear to connect to the Neo4j AuraDB when it is deployed in AWS Lambda. The...

How to Connect to a Project with Node.js

Hello, I made a project database in Neo4j Desktop and ran some queries in Neo4j Browser. Now I'm trying to add a couple nodes via Node.js running a JavaScript file, but it's not working. Here's the code in the JavaScript file: const neo4j = require('...

Resolved! merge multiple node with neo4j-driver in js

hello im trying to get variables of an array and create node for them so i have a foreachwords.forEach((res, index) => {to get all of the items and then run this query`MERGE (n:words{name:'${res}'})`) }but i get this error Queries cannot...

Resolved! Executing multi-statement query via NodeJS driver

Is it possible to execute query with 2+ statements in a single call?  const query = ` MERGE (:TestLabel {name: $name1}); MERGE (:TestLabel {name: $name2});`; const queryParams = { name1: 'Test Name 1', name2: 'Test...

Resolved! Using javascript neo4j-driver with Typescript

I have used the neo4j-driver in the past but now want to use it in a project written in Typescript. I had expected that I could just get the type definityions by using @types/neo4j-driver like with so many other libraries. Searching the web I have no...

taffyb by Node Clone
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Resolved! Using 'WITH' in JS Driver to unpack JSON up to Aura server

Hi all, So I have an Aura pro server and want to upload a block of JSON data we're generating up to it. My little Node app, whilst generating this JSON, holds it in state, so I figured it would be simple enough to use the JS driver to send that up to...

mikeM by Node Link
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Desktop neo4j uri format

Hello All, How to connect to neo4j desktop db in an JavaScript express app? what is the uri of the desktop db in the below snippet? Also after initializing the session in a express js module how to use it in another module? const driver =

Resolved! Cannot begin a transaction on a closed session

Hi All, I am writing an insert operation into neo4j using neo4j driver for Node js. The first time, the function will run, and on calling the same function second time, it will throw error " Cannot begin a transaction on a closed session." Here is th...