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Neo4j unmanaged extension - blockchain integration

Dear community, Currently I’m working on a project to build a prototype that integrates Neo4j with a blockchain framework (Exonum in our case). The idea is to have distributed nodes running a local neo4j database and use blockchain consensus algorith...

Print in plugins?

Hi! I've just started to learn how to write plugins for neo4j. Havent done any java programming in years either, so a bit rusty on how everything works. While developing id like to print some intermediate stuff to see how everything is going, but i k...

kaptenh by Node Clone
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APOC create relationship statistics

Hi, I am using neo4j-java-driver 1.6.2. When a query is executed, I am using InternalResultSummary counters().containsUpdates() method to know if my query has changed something. This is working fine, except when I am executing a query with APOC (in ...

Resolved! How to use Traversal Description

Hi guys, I'm struggling to implement a basic java application that uses the Traversal framework ( but maybe I just misunderstood how it's meant to be used. I'm creating an API that sho...

How to log to neo4j.log in a Server Plugin

As part of the major changes in 3.0, the way to log to the user log, now neo4j.log (in server mode), has changed. To log within a Server Plugin follow these steps: Include these packages: import org.neo4j.logging.Log; import org.neo4j.logging.LogServ...

About the Java category

Neo4j itself is implemented in Java and Scala. You can use JVM languages to extend Neo4j (e.g. with procedures and functions) but also to build applications. There is also a dedicated #drivers-stacks:spring-data-neo4j-ogm category. Usually people wou...