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Hello, Neo4J Community Edition is well started as a service. If I uses the neo4j jdbc driver 3.3 the follow line: Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:neo4j:bolt://", "test", "test"); delivers the following exception: java...

Handling infinite result streams

From the org.neo4j.driver.v1.StatementRunner javadoc : While these semantics introduce some complexity, it gives the driver the ability to handle infinite result streams (like subscribing to events), significantly lowers the memory overhead for your...

Is getQueryStatistics() reliable

Hi all, I am working on a unit test for an extension to apoc I started long ago. So long, I am using a branch based upon neo 3.3 My test fails because t.getQueryStatistics().getNodesDeleted() is always zero. So I was wondering if getQueryStatistics w...

wadael by Node Clone
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Using Driver and OGM with datetimes

Hi, I'm using the java driver version 1.7.3, and the OGM 3.1.7 with the bolt driver. I've ended up using the java driver to import data, as doing it through the OGM was proving to be too slow (and ran out of memory for the larger data saves). I kep...

Flexible schema without POJOs

Hello, I am getting started with creating an application that does CRUD operations with Neo4j and Java. I wanted to know if there is an alternative way if I do not want to create POJOs to represent my entities/ models in Spring Boot? I would prefer t...

Too slow Traverse

Hi all . . . The problem: It's a multiiple origin one destination problem. The origin node is "7" and the origin nodes are: 9,1 and 10. It has to return de numer of nodes into the diferent path between all the nodes (label:inicio) (Source) and the de...

Testing plugin depending on apoc

Hi, I am busy developing my own java plugin for neo. I am using maven and writing unit tests using harness, as is suggested in the tutorials.. Now, in my plugin i want to use apoc, as there are some excellent functions in there, and i plan to do it b...

kaptenh by Node Clone
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Hi, I am working on a custom java module to import data. It worked fine, but then i made some "improvements" and it runs too slow. Is there any good way of finding out which java functions are the most time-consuming - i.e where the code spends most ...

kaptenh by Node Clone
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Creating dynamic relation names with Java

Hello, I'm trying to create relations between already created nodes. I'm able to create normal relations (fixed names) without any problems but I'm not able to create relation names dynamically. I explain: I'm trying to replicate the model explained ...