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Transactions and locks

Question 1 about Transaction read locks : when doing tx.acquireReadLock on a node, does all relationships linked to this node are also locked, or do we explicitly need to acquire a lock also for them ? Is it possible for a concurrent transaction to d...

HTTP Request Smuggling issue in neo4j java driver

I found the below security vulnerabilities in neo4j java driver . we are using org.neo4j.driver neo4j-java-driver 1.7.5 CVE-2020-7238Netty 4.1.43.Final allows HTTP Request Smuggling because it mishandles Transfer-Encoding whitespace (such as a [...

Requesting Neo4j database with java application

Hello, I am new with neo4j, i will use the community version. I want to know how can i request the database within a java application, i don't want to create nodes/relationships (the database is created in another project ) but i want to connect to t...

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Cypher query using Java (Match operator)

Hello everyone, I am new in Neo4j and Java programming, and I am trying to get all the properties of an object (node), giving as a condition that my ID must be equal to the text I am writing (abcd). This is how I wrote it: MatchQuery.send(JSON.string...

Resolved! Neo4j embedded graph java visualization

Hi, I'm beginning in Neo4j java embedded graph. I have made a first test but I cant visualize my graph in neo4j-community. Here is my code for create the graph : package connection; import; import org.neo4j.graphdb.GraphDatabaseService...

Stored procedures with upcoming Java client v4.0.0

Hi, I have a question related to stored procedures and upcoming Java client v4.0.0. Looking at SessionConfig#withFetchSize method javadoc, it will be possible to "specify how many records to fetch in each batch for this session". Does this batch fetc...

Error when connecting to Neo4J using the Java driver

I have a springboot application that connects to a standalone instance of neo4j. The springboot application runs as a container in a kubernetes cluster and neo4j is deployed in a virtual machine. I am intermittently getting errors while connecting to...

How to log to neo4j.log in an Unmanaged Extension

As part of the major changes in 3.0, the way to log to the user log, now neo4j.log (in server mode), has changed. To log within an Unmanaged Extension is quite straightforward: Include this package: import org.neo4j.logging.Log; In the method for th...

Resolved! Read after write consistency

Hi, in cluster mode, I have a problem when I am doing a READ transaction following a WRITE transaction : the WRITE transaction is always done on LEADER node, but READ transaction will be done on either 2 FOLLOWERS, and as the replication is not done ...