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Resolved! OSM Import plugin generation error

I've been trying to install the newer OSM import plugin for neo4j. using the maven clean intstall (have tried using maven 3.6.1 and 3.6.1/ java jdk 11.0.3 and 12.0.1)running into a build error: 'The code being documented uses modules but the package...

Resolved! Connecting to a specific graph

Hello, I have a multiple graph like below And i have a java application to communicate with the graph. I want to know if i can specify the graph that i want to use or i have to use the default graph (because when i connect to the database with url: ...

madiskou by Graph Buddy
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Installing NewRelic APM fot neo4j

Good day. Does anyone know how I can configure newrelic to monitor neo4j, which properties should be configured in the neo4j.conf file? CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core) neo4j 3.5.14 Thanks a lot.

Creating generic graph model by Java API

Hi, I want to create app in which can be possible to create graph based on putted configuration. For now it's on very beginning, I had two nodes(Child,Parent), and two hard coded relations in this nodes, and can create simple graph. but for now I don...

Resolved! NotInTransactionException in Neo4j 4.0.3 embedded

Breaking transactions in chunks leads to this Exception in Neo4j 4.0.3 embedded in java application: Exception in thread "main" org.neo4j.graphdb.NotInTransactionException: The transaction has been closed. Example, exception occurs at line #7: 1 ...


Hi when I connect java application created database with neo4j theh getting following exception please have a look Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Error starting database server at C:\Users\ns.Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\databa...

Write restrictions from user defined function

I wrote a user defined function, which basically looks like this: @Context public Transaction tx; @UserFunction public Node createNode(@Name("labelName") String name) { Node newNode = tx.createNode(Label.label(name)); return newNode; } After...

Error in neo4j java driver

Hello, I copied the example on: After compiling into a jar-file and running it from the command line with: java -cp name_jar_file.jar SmallExample I get the following error: Exception...

Resolved! Stack Traces in 1.5.x+

Starting with 1.5, when there is an exception thrown from cypher execution, the stack trace that is thrown is the stack trace is from the async thread actually performing the execution. The exception message is correct, but the stack trace is fairly ...

Neo4j v4 use of Embedded Database in unit testing

Hi all, I'm building a api in my springboot application which will communicate with my graph database. I have used neo4j version 3.5.16 but now I do want to upgrade to 4.0.3 The issue is that most of classes from the previous version disappeared. Th...