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Exceptions for creating driver in Jersey Application

I am creating a servlet application with Jersey 2.32, running in Tomcat 9. Jersey provides an Application class and I want to create an instance of a Neo4J connection or driver there, which should be used for all sessions and transactions in the reso...

BairDev by Node Clone
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Hi, i want to use sql query too load the data from neo4j using bi connector.for that i'm using driver(neo4j-jdbc-driver-3.1.0).i am able to get the data for cipher query but not for sql query. While running below exception is coming.please guide me s...

Use enterprise edition in Java tests

How can I use Enterprise edition features in Java tests? This artifact has been discontinued several releases ago: I am currently using the neo4j-harness regular edition, but ...

Java embedded graph in Neo4j community 4.1.1

Hi all ! I trying to visualize a java embedded graph in Neo4j community. There is my code to generate the new.db I want to visualize: /* * Licensed to Neo4j under one or more contributor * license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with *...

Neo4j embedded graph visualization

Hi all ! I recently upgrade the Neo4j community java driver version that I use (from 3.x.x to 4.1.1) and I can't visualize any generated graph. I am using the Neo4j 4.1.1 community edition. I tried to run the code example given by Neo4j https://githu...

Resolved! How to use APOC in java

Hi guys, I'm currently learning neo4j and trying to use APOC library in my java project. Specifically, I'd like to build a application that can use APOC's functionality to do batch update to my graph. However, I don't know how to use APOC in Java. I...

yunzhoun by Node Link
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Building a reactive java application using Neo4j

I want to build a java application that is reactive in nature when it interacts with Neo4J. I will use the Reactive session to run my queries. This application will be a microservice web application that will be deployed in kubernetes. How do I archi...

Resolved! Java Neo4j 3.5.1 - Loading Dates converts into String

Dear sirs or madams, while loading plain dates with spring-data-neo4j formatted dates get converted into String while loading, please find below the code used for conversion, I was trying with a converter class and without following the the link: for...

MalteR by Node Link
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Neo4-java-driver in jbpm

Hello Togehter i did put together a project with javadriver within eclipse and it works fine. but when adding the java driver dependency to jbpm 7.35 as a project artefact i get the following error when i want to edit data-objects. java.lang.ClassNo...

Use neo4j from java application

Hello, I have a neo4j database and i want to access it within a java application. I want to know if i go fro the neo4j driver or a Spring Data Neo4J ? I want to know the advantages of each method. In my case i have request for getting nodes and relat...

madiskou by Graph Buddy
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