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OutOfMemory issue when using Neo4j driver

I have an application to save hive table/column lineage to Neo4j。 OOM issue often appears once a day or twice a day The application is running on docker with 4Core CPU 7G memory。 As shown in the attachment, when oom occurs , the java dump file shows ...

Reactive driver use

Hi, I would like to use the Neo4j Reactive driver with RxJava2 in a standard java program. First question : is it relevant to use it in this case or should I use the "blocking style" session instead ? If relevant, I see in the javadoc of RxSession#re...

Resolved! How to get driver result summary statement

I am new to the community so this is my first post, hopefully the answer is quite simple and I am just not great at reading java docs! I am using the java driver to execute a series of write-only transactions and I would like to try and receive the u...

Long time query not receive response from server

Hello Please, I need your help. I am loading a graph using apoc.periodic.iterate and apoc.load.jdbc. When the processing time exceeds 15 - 20 minutes, it appears as if the driver disconnected from the server and did not receive a response from the se...

Java Reactive Session

I am considering using the Reactive Sessions in my java application with Neo4j. I am using Neo4j 4.1 which supports multiple databases. With a synchronous session we can pass a SessionConfig that indicates the database to use for that session. In the...

Learning Java with Neo4j

Hello, Is it possible to learn more about the Java programming language while using Neo4j as a source of projects? What projects could you guys recommend to a Java neophyte who wants to use Java with Neo4j? At work, I use Neo4j to establish connectio...

TonyOD27 by Node Clone
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Spring boot java driver bolt dependency in MAVEN

the dependency of OGM (Object graph mapping) is not getting added in pom.xml in spring boot and not detecting; when adding the bolt driver to connect to neo 4j I have used all these dependencies (but getting error of missing artifact): org.neo4j neo...

tarun by Node
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Apoc as maven dependency

Hi All, i'd like to include the apoc library as a maven dependency in my pom.xml like so. <dependency> <groupId>org.neo4j.procedure</groupId> <artifactId>apoc</artifactId> <version></version> </dependency> But this does not work w...