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Spatial value as parameters

I am trying to add 2d points (x and y axis) and 3d points (x,y,z axis) as a property to a node and want to add it as a parameter to the cypher statement. I had create 2 class class Point2D implements Point{} class Point3D implements Point{} where Po...

Resolved! Bulk statement to improve update throughput

Hi, I am working on an Open-Source project where I read values from OPC UA and I now wanted write the live values from industrial machines via OPC UA to Neo4j. Typically in databases there is some kind of a bulk statement or at least a prepared state...

Java driver issue

Hi, I have read jdbc driver issue before, right I have the same issue. Here is the example I copied from neo4j website, it runs with jdbc error. import org.neo4j.driver.*; import static org.neo4j.driver.Values.parameters; public class SmallExample {...

jzhou002 by Node Link
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Construct queries with condition

Hello, I am using spring data neo4j and i have a repository like this : public interface MyNeo4jRepository extends Neo4jRepository<Object, Long> { @Query("with ['X', 'Y','Z'] as list_labels, " + "$appsFilter as appsList\n " +...

madiskou by Graph Buddy
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Unable to catch TransientException

Hi, I have facing a issue when I am trying to catch TransientException exception for below code: StatementResult result = runQuery(sb.toString(), entity.getAllProperties()); Record record = null; try { int retryCnt = 0; while(retryCnt++ <= MAX_NEO4J_...

Delete relationships of node which got deleted

I have reached a state where there was a piece of code which deleted the nodes without deleting the relationships of the same. Now I am frequently getting node with node id not found error. Is there a way I can delete such relationships and indexes a...

Null param in a Repository query

Hi! We recently switched to the latest Springboot version (well 2.4.0 since it already not the latest anymore) and tried to be ogm-free. Our app works fine but we've noticed a warning we didn't see before (I don't think it happened, but maybe we just...

cfaure by Node
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Use apoc functions inside Java plugin

Hi community, I'm running some cypher statements with apoc functions inside my Java plugin. Problem is, that the tests fail saying apoc functions are unknown. How can I include apoc to my project? Is there public lib I can import from? Kind regards, ...

Resolved! Problems with complex object result in plugin

Hi folks, I'm new to neo4j plugin development as until today I came through every task with cypher and apoc for the last nine years. Anyway - right now I've got stuck mapping a response from neo4j within Java an iternate through the nested lists. My...

Get Query Results as JSON programmatically

I am pretty new to Neo4J and currently using the neo4j-java-driver with bolt for accessing the DB and sending (possible) results back to a frontend. This API will obviously be written in Java and provide REST endpoints with JSON as payload. Now, shou...

BairDev by Node Clone
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Resolved! Getting node type from Java Query

Hey everyone, i using a java driver to query a graph database in java and get their values. I am working on transforming the data structure of the result to suitable data structure to apply my own algorithms. So i am applying a query now : "Match (n)...

Project Java results to neo4j browser?

Hello everyone, So my idea is to use java to query the database and obtain results, because i want to modify and create graph algorithms. I have managed to connect and apply simple queries on the database through java using the java-driver of neo4j. ...