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Logging queries executed in java driver

Hi, Im using neo4j java driver version 4.3.3. im not sure how to print the query being executed with values. Let consider the below usecase. the query is as follows, MATCH (p:Person {name : "John"}) RETURN p the java code is as follows, String query...

Java embedded stop database

Hello,I do have a test on embedded community edition. This test make use of neo4j-admin import command. But to use this command, the database should be down. So I try :  embeddedDatabaseServer.databaseManagementService().shutdownDatabase("neo4j");  B...

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Resolved! Conditional Cypher Query on Embedded

Hello, Newly I discover apoc.when and try to use it in my project. My project have test with using neo4jharness. But It seem that apoc from Central Repository: org/neo4j/procedure/apoc/ ( doesn't contain function documented here Cond...

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How to pass Query Parameters in Neo4j Spark Connector

As per official guide graph can be integrated with spark directly to read and write data. I see few options like 'query', 'labels', 'relationship' etc to query a graph. Is there a way to provide query parameters to a custom query? var query = " MATC...

Resolved! Using apoc function with embedded database

Hello, Currently working with Spring Data Neo4j, I'm using neo4j in 4.4.4. I need to use an apoc coll function in a test. As this function is not bring by a simple import, I need to import in my pom.xml apoc with classifier all : <dependency> ...

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Neo4j java driver vs neo4j JDBC driver

Hey there, I developed a simple java application to access neo4j using neo4j java driver and another one using neo4j JDBC driver. can someone tell me what is the difference between them? and which one should I use. Thanks

Neo4J Starting Failed

Trying to connect Neo4j graph 3.5.3 using import org.apache.commons.configuration2.BaseConfiguration; import org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration; import org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.neo4j.structure.Neo4jGraph; Configuration configuratio...

Resolved! APOC 4.4 not compatible with Spring Boot 2.6.2

We are in the process of upgrading our Spring Boot stack due to the vulnerability of Log4j. However, because APOC uses an old version of jackson (2.10) that is not compatible with the current spring boot version of jackson (2.13+), we get a runtime e...

Spatial value as parameters

I am trying to add 2d points (x and y axis) and 3d points (x,y,z axis) as a property to a node and want to add it as a parameter to the cypher statement. I had create 2 class class Point2D implements Point{} class Point3D implements Point{} where Po...