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Integrating Neo4j with Nestjs and Graphql

neo4j-graphql-js @relation directive produce a @relation undefined error in nestjs graphql generate-typings: Using the following: type Author { id: ID! name: String! posts: [Post] @relation(name: "REGISTERED", direction: ...

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All applications using Neo4j depend on drivers to execute statements to update or query data. Neo4j drivers are mostly built on the binary Bolt protocol. Official drivers exist for Java, JavaScript, .Net, Python, and Go and more. Other languages (R, ...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! Best way to index a datetime field

hi, i'm working on an app with the neo4jGraphQL, in its scenario we need to work a lot with datetimes, so we want to index on the fields with the datetime type which are not really unique so we coudnt use @unique ,but what is the best way of indexing...

Importing data to neo4j from a GraphQL data source

Hello. I have some data exposed by a GraphQL server which I would like to query in more ad-hoc fashion using cypher. I have a query which exposes pretty much the entire graph of data I am interested in. What is the easiest way to migrate the schema a...

rrva by Node Link
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Debug Logging

Hi, I can't seem to get debug logging for the Neo4j GraphQL library working. Have tried: DEBUG=@neo4j/graphql:* node index.js in the vs code terminal but get the following error: DEBUG=@neo4j/graphql:* : The term 'DEBUG=@neo4j/graphql:*' is not recog...

How delete only one relationship with GraphQL Library

Hi, I try to find the graphQl mutation for delete only one relationship between two nodes. I found the doc for nodes but not for relations : I defined relations in schema ...

Unable to connect server from Graphql Architect

Hi everyone, I wish you are fine! I got this error when I infer schema from" Graphql Architect " Neo4jError: Failed to connect to server. Please ensure that your database is listening on the correct host and port and that you have compatible encrypti...

181018 by Node
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Graphql Architect vs Graphql library #Flutter

Hi everyone, I wish you are fine! I need to know what is the difference between using Graphql Architect (As gallery app) and neo4j graphql library.. I'm trying to use my local neo4j database with #Flutter application, after some searching I found tha...

181018 by Node
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GraphQL plugin for Neo4j 4.x

I am looking for a version of the GraphQL plugin that works with the latest database 4.0.4. Using desktop I see the plugin but it is grayed out which I assume means not available yet. Is there an ETA

Graphql subscriptions

Hello developers, I'm coming to you because I've got a big problem. I'm coding a live-forum with a graphql api. I use neo4j-driver, @neo4j/graphql and @neo4j/graphql-ogm in nodejs. As a real-time app, my projet must use subscriptions to perform his p...

nelson by Node Link
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Grandstack with the latest @neo4j-graphql

I am curious if it is possible to have a grandstack app that uses express with the latest @neo4j-graphql. A new release for @neo4j-graphql (3.x) just came out, however, the documentation of the grandstack starter still references @neo4j-graphql versi...