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Resolved! Transactions and auto-commit

Hi everyone!I am using go-client and i can't understand one thing - should I commit or rollback transactions manually?WriteTransaction and ReadTransaction are used in such way:   session := r.driver.NewSession(neo4j.SessionConfig{ DatabaseName: r.d...

Dynamically filling in label in a query gives an error

In the query below I am passing in two strings, $node and $targetlabel. The first one works, the second creates an error. query := `MATCH ({name:$node})-[e]-(n:$targetlabel) RETURN DISTINCT as name, n.detail as detail, TYPE(e) as link` rec...

Neo4j go driver with bolt protocol version 1

We are having a graph database which supports only bolt protocol version 1. I am trying to use the GitHub - neo4j/neo4j-go-driver: Neo4j Bolt Driver for Go for my use case(building a cli) But it gives error as : Server did not accept any of the reque...

Error not returning to the Golang driver

Hello folks. I have this method to delete a Person from my Graph: func (d FamilyRepositoryNeo4j) DeletePerson(id string) error { cypher := ` MATCH (one:Person {uuid: $uuid})-[dBirth:BIRTH]->(:Day) DELETE one, dBirth ` params := ma...

"" with NEO4J 4.x

Has anyone been able to get the cq driver to connect/run with the latest 4.x of NEO4J ? We moved to this driver away from the NEO Seabolt as it was more reliable and easier for production deploys.

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Golang - converting maps to strong type

Just wondering if anyone has some experience converting from a map[string]interface{} to a declared type? i.e. in Go if I have: type Person struct { name string age int64 } if I run this query: MATCH (p:Person) RETURN p { .name, .age } AS pe...

Testing Neo4j using GOlang

Hi everybody, I'm using the official neo4j-go-driver. One thing is bothering me - lack of testing libraries. Does anybody familiar with something relevant regards? Thanks in advance, Boris

Install seabolt on ARM

Hi, Does anyone succeed to get Seabolt17 working in a raspberry pi 4? ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg -i seabolt-1.7.4-Linux-ubuntu-18.04.deb dpkg: error processing archive seabolt-1.7.4-Linux-ubuntu-18.04.deb (--install): package architecture (amd64) d...

Issue with time format

I have a small job that reconciles data in one store with a neo4j graph, everything runs swimmingly on laptop but when I move it to a container for execution I get the below error, does anyone have any ideas on where to start digging into the problem...