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Error connecting with net driver v 4.0

I am attempting to generate my first hello world (using ) but am running into the following error Dim driver As IDriver = GraphDatabase.Driver("bolt://localhost:7687", AuthTokens.Basic("neo4j", "password")) Dim session As IAsyncSession = drive...

matt3 by Node Link
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Neo4j Driver - need encrypted = false

As I understand it, Version 4 now has encryption off by default, and the version 1.7 drives have encryption on by default. So the HelloWorldExample is now broken. How do I set encryption = false in my code when creating the driver instance Thx

bscola by Node
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Return brower 'table' info with dotnet Neo4j.Driver

in the browser I can run some cypher say- MATCH (start:Node{node:'IP-0000110637'}), (end:Node{node:'FD9-END'}) CALL, end, "steps") YIELD nodeId, cost MATCH (o:Node) WHERE id(o) = nodeId RETURN o.node AS node, cost And g...

bscola by Node
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Neo4j Hololens

Hey everyone, we are currently developing an industrial application in unity for the hololens 1. From the hololens, we want to read and write data from a neo4j database using neo4jclient by readify. So far it works fine in the unity editor but crashe...

Getting `DbHits` through nest children

I have a snippet of code where I run a query so I can extract the DbHits for the query. My aim is to use this as a reference as I tune the queries. I am having an issue where I cannot seem to extract the "nested" DbHit values. Is there a key to acces...

Json object in propertys

Hello, I want to put a json object into a property and retrive it. Ex: i have a node with a property test:'[{"id":"string",tilte:"string"},{"id":"string",tilte:"string"}]' i want to deserialize this property ton an object with de neojclient driver bu...

Retrieve compound results with .NET driver

I have used the official .NET driver to create a small graph representing my domain. It all works fine. I am also able to retrieve individual nodes and convert them to typed objects. So far so good. But then I want to do some more complex questions l...

Resolved! Query Neo4J to return JSON data using the C# Driver

Good morning everyone, I am developing my application in C# using the DevExpress XAF. In my application I have a series of custom views and I am starting to experiment with fetching data from my Neo4J DB and bind it to the XAF controller. To do this ...

About the .NET category

Neo4j has an official .Net driver but the neo4j-client library offers a lot of nice features on top of that. Folks have also been using Neo4j from F# and Excel. There are chocolatey packages available for quick installation. If you run into a bug, ra...