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Problem connecting using .NET Client

Hello all, I've just installed Neo4j Desktop and I am trying to connect using .NET Client, but I receive always the error 404. I explain the situation with some additional info: I am using a new user (admin) because I don't have the password for def...

Tutorial for sending cypher queries from C#?

I'm familiar with the ADO NET data provider for PostgreSQL (Npgsql). Using that driver, my C# code just sends SQL query strings and receives rows of results. I was surprised to find that there seems to be a lot of C# code necessary to issue a query ...

davideps by Node Link
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Entity Framework

Hello community, I am new to neo4j and very interested in this. As I am a .Net developer it would be great to integrate this db into my project as a replacement for MS SQL and Entity Framework. Is there a solution to have neo4j in combination with en...

Resolved! Fastest way to read in a DirectoryTree?

I am reading in a directory tree from the disk. While I traverse the directories I am directly streaming them via IEnumerable to my asynchronous database methods. Since they are asynchronous I can't rely on the correct order (parent before child dire...

Object Graph Mapper for .NET

I know that there is an official Object Graph Mapper for Java. However, I haven't found anything official for .NET so I searched for solutions from the community and I found two:

Can't find Session object in .NET 4.0 driver

Hi I just upgraded the .NET driver from 1.7.2 to 4.0.0 in Visual Studio and got all sorts of building errors. Now I can't find any Session object even though it's in several documented samples on the neo4j site. Am I missing something or is only Asyn...

Neo4j and ODBC connector on Windows?

Hi everyone, please i dont want to sound dumb but i am looking for a free ODBC driver which i could connect to neo4j database however searching online i found solutions that costs $$ and i need to install a custom JDBC driver... Appreciate your suppo...

tarek by Node
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