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Association between Projects and DBMS

Is there any way to get the association between Projects and DBMS with the .NET driver?Just as an example, this is the default path for a project in file explorer:Neo4j\projects\project-93cd8e48-9883-4eeb-a35f-427dc36dec52When im trying to find what ...

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Resolved! How can i check if database is online?

Hello, i am beginner on neo4j, but not on .net and c#. On other databases i can open the connector and if database is offline throw the connector an exeption or i can test it with a attach-function. How can i do it on neo4j? My "testcode": // test co...

Different Results Using Parameters Versus Built String

When running a query in .NET, I am getting different results if I use bound parameters versus if I simply replace the parameters in the string with the actual values. The query I am using is: MATCH (e:Environment)-->(c:Company)-[o:Owns]->(g:LaneConf...

Resolved! The type 'EncryptionLevel' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'Neo4j.Driver

Hello, .NET 4.7 MVC with AngularJS. var _graphClient = new Neo4jClient.BoltGraphClient(LmsNeoUri, Lmsusername, Lmspassword) { DefaultDatabase=neo4jDatabaseName }; In this line I am getting error Error CS0012 The type 'EncryptionLevel' is defined in...

Help using v4 Neo4j.Driver.Simple in Powershell

I have some old Powershell scripts that use the v1.7 driver. I am trying to move them to v4 but cannot seem to get the synchronous classes. When I call Session() I am hitting the the Async implementation instead of the synchronous, even though I ha...

.NET DRIVER - Failed to acquire a connection from connection pool for server with URI as this server has already been removed from routing table. Please retry your query again and you should be routed with a different server from the new routing table

Hi All, We are facing this error consistently when connecting to Neo4j Causal Cluster from .NET Core using the .NET Driver. Failed to acquire a connection from connection pool for server with URI as this server has already been removed from routing t...

.NET Graph Client CRUD Help Thanks!

Hi Guys, I posted this in the Cypher category but wasn't sure if it was better to post here because it is using the .NET Graph Client? .NET Graph Client CRUD Help Cypher Hi Tribe, I am trying to get this Cypher query to w...

Populating Neo4J with Custom C# application

Hi, I am new to Neo4J and have done some reading and research but not sure if what I need to do is possible or available. I would like to populate a Neo4J database with data which does not come from a standard source like RDBMS or CSV. The ideal way ...

Resolved! Neo4J.Client remote connection fails

Hello I am new to Neo4J and graph DB also not a pro in C# i get to do the connection in a remote server easy and run my query. using Neo4j.Driver; i did this sample conn to exemplify #region BasicAuth public static class BasicAuth { ...

C# to F# Neo4j.Driver

Hi All Please could someone help with the correct syntax for using the Neo4j.Driver for DotNet in F#. In C# I have this approach working well: var _driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("bolt://:" , AuthTokens.Basic("", "<password") , builder => builder.With...

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