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Meetup @ Graphsummit Copenhagen - 8 September

We are back on the road to deliver the latest and greatest of graphs, come along and connect with fellow Neo4j enthusiasts in Copenhagen!

To finish GraphSummit Copenhagen we are hosting a Meetup. There will be beer and pizza (of course) and we want to discuss graphs and Neo4j with the community.

Talk #1

Full Stack Graphs with React, GraphQL and Neo4j - Andreas Kollegger, Neo4j / @abk 
From the UI down all the way down the stack to data persistence, every layer of building an application has to align or the thing just won't work. The dream scenario is that everything is 1:1 mapped. Is that possible? Let's try together using React, GraphQL and Neo4j to see what works and what doesn't.
Together, we'll:
- sketch out a regular React app
- start with local, in-memory data
- upgrade to persisted data

Talk #2

Biomedical Concepts - the missing link in clinical/health data - Kirsten Langendorf, data4knowledge

Biomedical concepts are definitions of measurements or activities performed as part of a patient's health/clinical trial record. By having these atomic definitions in a machine readable and linkable form will allow for a transition from a siloed two dimensional data world to a multidimensional, machine readable, and integrated data world.


You are welcome to join the full GraphSummit event! Please register here:

Nodes 2022
NODES 2022, Neo4j Online Education Summit

On November 16 and 17 for 24 hours across all timezones, you’ll learn about best practices for beginners and experts alike.