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Graph Databases - Solving Problems with Connected Data - 16 August

About the talk

In this connected world, traditional data stores often make it difficult to find valuable relationships. Graph databases focus not only on the entities, but the connections between them. By making relationships a key component of the model, contextualizing a set of data becomes incredibly simple. Join us in this session to learn how graph databases are used to improve the data world and help developers easily make sense of connected data!

This talk will cover

  • Exploring graphs and how they provide data context
  • How to transform our projects into graph structures
  • Optimizing the model for our use case
  • Accessing data through queries, analysis, visualization, applications, and more!

16 August - 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CEST / 8:30pm IST

Talk delivered by @jennifer_reif