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Why the new library @neo4j/graphql doesn't retrieve nested data automatically from type

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I have just migrated and the stream was very helpful, but one thing that seems to be off is when retrieving nested data.
Let's say I have a Post type and some of its properties need to have a custom @cypher directive or a relationship directive, like this.

type Post {
  post_id: String
  timestamp: String 
  author: User @relationship(type: "CREATED", direction: IN)
  likes_count: Int @cypher(statement: "RETURN SIZE((this)<-[:LIKES]-())")

but when creating a custom function the custom properties are not retrieved eg; (author, likes_count). It can also be seen here on the stream at minute 52:35.
When I modify the custom function so it would retrieve post { .*, author: (cypher_function_here), likes_count : (cypher_function_here) } It does return the result as expected, but the question here is Why it doesn't do so automagically πŸ˜‰? as it used to do with the previous library neo4j-graphql-js. Or did I miss something and I need to modify the Post type?
Thank you.


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There is a ticket open here: GraphQL Queries do not return relationship data on custom cypher queries Β· Issue #227 Β· neo4j/graphq...

Might be worth adding your voice to get this more attention

Looks like I'm not the only one facing this issue.. It has kept me from migrating.
I see that there was already a discussion held there, So we'll just wait. As for me, this @cypher relationship thing is crucial for me as I need it in tens of my queries and this keeps me from migrating (for now).

Thank you @DomVinyard for letting me know about the open Github issue. I'll make sure to add my voice to you'll and hoping for a fix soon.

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