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Where can I find Java client documentation on load balancing in Neo4J 4.X?

I'm trying to update Neo4J support for the Apache NiFi graph bundle and can't find much on Google about how to configure the 4.X client to do load balancing. If someone could point me to documentation that covers the changes from the previous v1 Neo4J API, I'd appreciate it.


Hi, I believe it's partly covered in Client applications - Neo4j Java Driver Manual.

Thanks. I'm looking for any sort of documentation that says what to do about this class. Our Neo4J 3.X and earlier code uses a block of code that looks like this:

String loadBalancingStrategyValue = context.getProperty(LOAD_BALANCING_STRATEGY).getValue();
if ( ! StringUtils.isBlank(loadBalancingStrategyValue) ) {
    configBuilder = configBuilder.withLoadBalancingStrategy(

What I need to know is if that load-balancing strategy configuration has something analogous in terms of being manually-specified in the 4.X drivers or if the load-balancing behavior is now just implied by the connection string that is provided.

My Java colleagues told me this API has been removed 2 years ago, and this is not configurable anymore.

Good to know. Thanks!