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When creating a node with mutation via Graphql server in Neo4J server, and opening the Neo4J browser the data doesn't show up there

Graph Buddy

I'm using Docker and Neo4j Server on it. I'm trying to build Graphql API with nodejs. I have successfully connected everything but when I enter data from Graphql server the Neo4J browser doesn't show that data or when I enter data in Neo4J browser, the server doesn't reflect that data.

Although it seems like the Neo4J server is maintenaning it's own data and the Neo4J browser is maintenaning it's own dataset. If is it so, then please tell me how to view my Neo4J server data in graphical form.

Thanks in advance



Can you please share what your API/types look like in graphql and what your neo4j bindings to that are like? Are you using the GRAND stack starter kit?

If I understand correctly, you have a set of GraphQL mutators that you're calling, and should be creating data in Neo4j, but you're not seeing the same data when you query browser. Is that right? To try and work through that, extra details would be helpful

It was my mistake and I have fixed it. Thanks for the concern.
Although I would like to ask you one thing, as you know we have to define our schema in graphQL with the help of neo4j-graphql-js plugin. So I don't know the language in which the scheme must be defined where I can learn that?


Best to ask new questions in new topics!
The schema is defined in GraphQLs Schema Definition Language SDL

We have some examples here: