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What to do to have GRANDstack in Azure?

Graph Buddy

I learned to use GRANDstack locally with the GRANDstack starter.

Now for a real project I would to have all the stack in Azure.

For Neo4j I know that I can install a VM in Azure.

But for

  • Graphql (client&server)
  • React
  • Apollo (client&server)
    I don't what I have to do to have it all in Azure.

What can I do to have all the stack for a future app in Azure ?


Graph Steward

You would need to set up a server in your Azure instance to run the node applications that make up GRANDstack, i.e. apollo server, react app, etc. Here's a link to their services talking about set up.

Thank you for your answer @MuddyBootsCode I'm going to look at it.
What I don't understand is stack components installation (apollo server, react,, graphql). How to install and where to install each stack components.

Graph Steward

Those are all basic node apps. So you'd need to create them individually or use something like the GRANDstack starter and clone it over.

Thank you @MuddyBootsCode

Hello @MuddyBootsCode, I have a question. How can I create them individually and where, and also if I use the starter how can I clone it and where ? Sorry I'm a beginner. Have a good day

Graph Steward

I think I've already given you a link to how to deploy node applications in Azure here's a link to the GRANDstack starter and it's docs Good Luck!

Thank you @MuddyBootsCode