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Trying to use streams with Grandstack/Graphql

Node Clone

Hello everyone.

I'm using Grandstack with Flutter instead of React and as for Apollo I'm using graphql_flutter, so far so good except that I'm looking to stream some of my data using neo4j_streams, graphql_flutter provides "subscriptions" widget which can be used with a WebSocket but I don't know how to configure Neo4j / Grandstack to work with it. Neo4j requires Kafka to implement streams and there's no mention of Kafka on Grandstack docs, so I don't know how to implement streams using grandstack/graphql to work with graphql_flutter.
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards.


Graph Steward

There are a few things to look at in this. One way would be to try to implement subscriptions on your own, which is a little difficult and isn't currently offered out of the box with the Grandstack. Or you can figure out the streams and event triggers, I'm not sure if you've found this post yet Implementing subscriptions but it talks a bit about the Kafka aspects. Here's another example where someone has implemented subscriptions with the grand stack I know it's not a complete answer but hopefully it helps get you on the right path.

Hello, @MuddyBootsCode Thank you for your response.

When it comes to this solution, is it compatible with the latest Grandstack / neo4j-graphql.js library? Also when it comes to the first suggestion of Kafka How can I create a Kafka topic to subscribe to from Flutter?

Graph Steward

I'll be honest. I have not tried this solution. Mostly I've been working on implementing subscriptions, not tying in third party solutions but I'm sure that they wouldn't provide the Kafka route if it didn't work.