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Trying to get Golang + BOLT driver working / failing

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Hi all, trying to get the golang driver running / the latest simple refused ; I wonder if no longer it's being maintained by Neo4j ?

vendor/ could not determine kind of name for C.BOLT_MODE_DIRECT
vendor/ could not determine kind of name for C.BOLT_MODE_ROUTING
vendor/ could not determine kind of name for C.BoltConfig_set_mode
vendor/ could not determine kind of name for C.BoltMode

(Neo4 Golang Driver+ BOLT) seems to remain an incredible difficult monster to use /install and get deployed. (also tried installing on MAC - what a time zapper / looks like readme's etc not giving good instructions).

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Hi @jeremy,

Could you please verify the versions of components you have are the latest ones, once again? It seems that you're using 1.7.2 or an earlier version of gobolt with a more recent version of seabolt.

The latest versions of each of these components are as follows; @ 1.7.4 @ 1.7.4 @ 1.7.4

I had issued the go get -u / but that seems not to work for the neo4j driver package. For this one I had to brute force / deleting the all traces from the vendor folder and then starting a fresh.

Also seem I'll always getting a linking warning.

So looking forward to getting the native GOLANG driver from NEO4J - as mentioned this really makes a great product super tiring to use.

I'm having this problem also I'm afraid, but the mentioned fix isn't working.

@ali.ince I don't suppose there's any movement on when we may be getting a native Go driver for Neo4j? I have many builds in which i'd love to use it in production but the current option offered for us Go users is just terrible to work with.

Hi Justin, I had conversions with NEO4J and they told me they had no plans / it was a total nightmare for us to try and use in production / so we reverted to using @ scale /