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Trouble connecting to sandbox using grandstack

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Hello, I've been developing with the grandstack for awhile now using my desktop neo4j db. I'm now attempting to push to production, so I'd like to use a neo4j database that is not local for the production app. I am attempting to use a neo4j sandbox db, but when I switch my process.env.NEO4J_URI to the sanbox's URI along with the USER and PASSWORD, I get this error:

Neo4jError: Driver is connected to the database that does not support multiple databases. Please upgrade to neo4j 4.0.0 or later in order to use this functionality

I'm not sure in what way my app is attempting to connect to multiple databases and I can't find a solution to this error message anywhere. Any help or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you


Graph Steward

I'm not sure if you found this post? Error connecting with net driver v 4.0 but you might be using an old version of the required driver.

Yeah I came across that post, unfortunately I'm already using a newer neo4j driver 4.0.2 so I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. I'm going along with the grandstack create app, the only difference is when initializing the create-grandstack-app I used my localhost neo4j desktop db in the set up. But now that I am attempting to use any db other than my local desktop db, I get that "does not support multiple databases" error and it's a rather significant problem.

Have you made any adjustments to the driver code? Or is it exactly the same as in the grand stack starter?

Exactly the same as in the grandstack starter. I've only added React components and created more resolvers and graphql types but those all function just fine with my localhost neo4j db.