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Subscriptions in Graphql and Grandstack

Node Clone

I'm still new in grandstack , i have been reading the docs and i have not come across how to handle subscriptions with graphql in the neo4j-graphql-js . Anyone here who knows how to handle subscription in grandstack?


Graph Steward

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. The GRANDstack does not currently handle subscriptions. You have to implement those parts yourself. I know there’s some work done on it but it’s not part of the library yet.

Wouldn't know how to add that in the neo4j-graphql-js ...... But i guess right now i have to make use of polling in the frontend

Node Clone

@MuddyBootsCode , @fabisch_kamz I'm also still waiting for subscriptions to be added to Grandstack.. It is crucial for my project and so far I couldn't find a way to add it, hopefully, we get to hear something soon from the team behind Grandstack (@William_Lyon) which will make Grandstack complete.. or at least for now.

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