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Same Label Relationship returns NULL

Neophyte to GraphQL here...

Using GraphiQL, when I try to search on a node with relationships to other nodes with the same label, it returns NULL. For example, this is the Cypher query to return all the nodes using the "REFERENCED_BY" relationship for the NODE_EXAMPLE:

MATCH (n:NODE_EXAMPLE {num:"000001"})-[r:REFERENCED_BY]-(b) return n, r, b

This returns all the nodes with the "REFERENCED_BY" relationship... They also happen to have the same label.

When I do this in GraphiQL, I get a NULL return value for the referencedBy num array:

return value:
"data": {
"referencedBy": null
"extensions": {
"type": "READ_ONLY"

Am I doing something wrong? I'm expecting to get an array of nums that are 'REFERENCED_BY" the node with num="000001"

edit: I'm using the GraphQL plugin on the Neo4j browser and not any custom resolvers.