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Putting full-text indexes on properties

Node Clone

How should I put full-text indexes on properties using Spring Data Neo4j?


You would have to manually (admin operation) add those indexes.

E.g. as a database init/migration script.

To use the fulltext indexes you'd need to use a custom @Query annotation on your repository or use Neo4jSession.

Why is that? When we can add indexes simply using @Index, why should putting a full-text index be that hard?

Because it's a different kind of index, which can be non-transactional, it's more like a lightly integrated FTS engine.

It's the way it is currently designed/implemented in the database, so that's the way it is.


As @michael.hunger said: They are a different kind of queries that would have to create. Additionally this functionality does not exists in older OGM-supported versions of Neo4j.
It would be too much complexity in the source code for introducing a feature that should IMHO, just like the other index creations, only be used during development phase.