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Php graphware throwing handshake error

Node Clone

trying to connect neo4j internal server which is not ssl enabled . graphware php client throwing error of handshake so my question is is there any way to disable ssl support which is enabled by default .
error is given below.

string(91) "Handshake Exception. Unable to negotiate a version to use. Proposed versions were [1,0,0,0]"


Graph Fellow

You are not on a 4.x version by any chance?
The Graphaware/PHP driver is limited to version 3.x

i am on 4.x which library or client i have to use for php .?

Graph Fellow

Haven't used PHP myself with Neo4J I am not 100% sure but I think there is no 4.x driver at the moment. The docs at do mention a 4.0 PHP client but this refers to and it is Archived.

Depending on what you are building I would either use GraphQL/Grandstack or write a custom API which connects to the database in a 1st tier supported language.

Either can be connected to a front-end using XHR calls.

You can find more info on this at
Neo4j officially provides drivers for .Net, Java, Spring, JavaScript, Go, and Python.

Hope this helps,

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