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Passing unwind parameter issue

Hi, I am trying to pass a graph ql arguments array in cypher query. I am having difficulty making query work. I can see the parameter passed correctly while doing a console log. However, when I try to utilize it with node js. Neo4j driver is not doing anything. I think, I am doing something wrong. Could anyone please guide me.

const query = `UNWIND $list as batch
match ((u:user { ohrid: ${ctx.ohrid}})-[:FILE_SHARED_WITH| FILE_SHARED_WITH_GROUP| MEMBER_OF_GROUP*..2]-(f:file)) where f.uuid = batch.uuid
SET f.documentStatus = batch.documentStatus
return f as files`;
const queryParams = { list: args.documents };
const result = await, queryParams);

if i use the same query in neo4j browser it works fine

UNWIND [{uuid: "5f668fbb-70b3-4713-bc91-18727fb5ac65", documentStatus: "unpublished"}, {uuid: "84e0575c-9c5c-43b5-a4fc-3af99bcf98ec", documentStatus: "unpublished"}] as batch
match ((u:user { ohrid: 850046714})-[:FILE_SHARED_WITH| FILE_SHARED_WITH_GROUP| MEMBER_OF_GROUP*..2]-(f:file)) where f.uuid = batch.uuid and any(x in batch.documentStatus where x in ['published', 'unpublished'])
SET f.documentStatus = batch.documentStatus
return f

~ Meet


Node Clone

In your second query you refer to, but in your first query you refer to batch.uuid (which might not exist?)

Could that be the issue?

my apologies, I have updated the query accordingly now. I was trying out something and pasted that query here. I have tried many ways none of them are working.

some docs says use {list}, others says $list. so far none working for me.

it has been resolved now.

I'm facing the same problem. Would you mind sharing your solution?


Node Link

use query parms:

 const queryParams = {items: items, moduleName: moduleName, projectName: projectName};
        const query = `
            UNWIND $items AS item            
                WITH item
                MERGE (root: ROOT {code: $projectName})
                MERGE (module: MODULE {name: $moduleName})-[:HAS_MODULE]->(root)
                MERGE (component:Component {component: item.component})
                    ON CREATE SET 
                        component.componentName = item.componentName, 
                        component.componentVersion = item.componentVersion        
                MERGE (module)-[:HAS_COMPONENT {development: item.development, production: item.production}]->(component)     
            RETURN properties(component) AS props
        console.log(`Processing ${items.length} dependencies for module: ${moduleName}`);
        await driver.session().run(query, queryParams)
            .then(result => {
                result.records.forEach(record => {
            .catch(error => {
            .then(() => {