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OutOfMemory issue when using Neo4j driver


I have an application to save hive table/column lineage to Neo4j。
OOM issue often appears once a day or twice a day

The application is running on docker with 4Core CPU 7G memory。
As shown in the attachment, when oom occurs , the java dump file shows that there are lots of '' 。

I am using Neo4j Driver with Spring like this:

public class Neo4jDriver implements AutoCloseable{
    private Driver driver;

    public void init(){
        driver = GraphDatabase.driver( uri, AuthTokens.basic( user, password ) );

    public void close() throws Exception {

public class LineageInfoDao {

    private Neo4jDriver neoDriver;

   public void buildLineageInfo(LineageInfo lineageInfo) {

        try (Session session = neoDriver.getDriver().session()) {
            session.writeTransaction(tx ->
                mergeTable(tx, lineageInfo);
                mergeColumn(tx, lineageInfo);
                return true;


Any clue?