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No longer possible to write to server at neo4j-***

Hi, I have the following setup

1. NodeJs application deployed to EC-2, running neo4j-graphql, connected to an autoscaling group.

2. Neo4j deployed to aws cloud formation.
3. Neo4j-graphql docker image deployed to an EC-2 instance.

I have recently started getting the following error on any write operations performed on the database, regardless of whether they are performed through OGM or directly running cypher query on neo4j browser.

No longer possible to write to server at neo4j-***
My nodejs application, as well as the the browser are able to connect to the database, browser shows my nodes and relationships info in the side panel, however, any query results in the error mentioned above, regardless of whether its a simple read (eg match (n:table) return n) or write. Queries run through OGM or graphql playground run successfully, but mutations do not.
I am unable to find any relevant issues on google search. I can provide further information regarding the AWS configurations if necessary. 

Some other packages that I am using that may be relevant are: Apollo-server-express, neo4j/graphql, graphql-ogm

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