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NeoInterface – a Python interface to use the Neo4j graph database and simplify its use

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Dear Neo4j Community, I am thrilled to share that my Team at GSK has recently released our first code asset to the open source community – NeoInterface – a Python interface to use the Neo4j graph database and simplify its use!
It provides a higher-level wrapper around the official Neo4j Python Driver and provides additional functionality such as loading pandas dataframes in Neo4j, some data wrangling features as well as features to import/export RDF data in Neo4j (utilizing the n10s library) and import data from arrows data modelling tool( The package is designed for a general purpose and can therefore be used across industries.
It serves us as a backbone for most of the development work in our projects utilizing Neo4j. We hope this package helps promote the further use of graph databases in the pharma industry and beyond!
As we further progress with our experiments on how knowledge graphs will improve clinical reporting workflows, we plan to continue contributing to open source with packages that are more specific to clinical trial reporting and CDISC data.
We would very much appreciate your comments and contributions on GitHub!




Really great contribution @paltusplintus ! Thanks to you and the team for releasing this for use by the broader community.

Would you consider adding the neo4j topic to the github repository to make it easier to discover? neo4j · GitHub Topics · GitHub


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