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neobolt.exceptions.CypherSyntaxError: Invalid input ':'

Hi all,

I'm new to neo4j, and I've been trying to get acquainted with the python driver. I've managed to create some nodes, and now I would like to update them with a new parameter. Essentially, I'd like to implement the following:

So I've managed to use :param in the browser interface to create a "batch" parameter, but when I try to run it using the neo4j python driver, I get the following:

import neo4j
uri = "bolt://"
driver = neo4j.GraphDatabase.driver(uri)
session = driver.session()
batch_statement = ':param {batch: [{name:"Alice",age:32},{name:"Bob",age:42}]}'
set_batch =

neobolt.exceptions.CypherSyntaxError: Invalid input ':': expected <init> (line 1, column 1 (offset: 0))
":param {batch: [{name:"Alice",age:32},{name:"Bob",age:42}]}"

Does anyone know what may be happening here? I think I'm failing to understand exactly what does...


You pass params to the driver in the, params)

see the api docs of the python driver:

The syntax you use is for Neo4j browser or cypher-shell.