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Neo4j.grass, .NET/C# Return :style command result, read the neo4j.grass style sheet into C#

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I would like stream the result from the :style command into a .NET/C# application. I can make the connection. I would like to be able to read the contents of the neo4j.grass style sheet using a Neo4J.Driver.GraphDatabase session.

If I knew where the file was stored, I could read it from disk, but that is not optimal as it only works for localhost databases. It doesn't deploy.

Hopefully :style isn't only available from the Neo4J Browser.


James Mireles
Houston, TX


Hi James,

Unfortunately :style is only available in the browser, pretty much all the : beginning ones are.

There is no Cypher called when executing the command, you can tell this if you turn on the Query.Log in your settings and run :styles in the browser.

The driver can only send Cypher across, so you're stuck there.

Largely - this makes sense as the styles are only used by the Browser, they're not integral to the database itself.

All the best


Thanks, @charlotte.skardon. Do you know where in the database the neo4j.grass file is stored?

It's not stored in the database, but in localstorage - and the actual file is returned on the fly when you run :style.