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Neo4J GraphQL Apollo Resolver Filter GTE



i have a question.

Lets Say we have a property in the Schema that is only processed with a custom resolver, call it GesamtSumme. It works great i get back the GesamtSumme.

So now the GesammtSumme isn´t in Neo4J and the directive @ignore is added.

How can i use GesamtSumme for Filtering in GraphQL?

Something like this

...where: {GesamtSumme_GTE: 20.000 })....

I always get back that GesamtSumme_GTE is not know and when i try to extend the input it doesent show up.

So basically it´s a general Question how can i use Custom Resolved fields as an Filter in GraphQL?

Thank in advance.


I think that's not yet supported, can you add your request as a GH issue?

Thanks @michael.hunger as far i understand it is not possible so i created a feature request. Do you know any other technique to solve this Problem?
i also did use a @cypher directive but, then you cant use relationship in your graphQL.

As far i understand the process this is right.

From the graphQL statement one single Cypher is generated. When the @cypher directive is in use there is no generation. Because you can only return a single type or an array of a single type with the cypher directive, i found no way to accomplish a good way of computed properties.

Perhaps it would be good if you could together a minimal example of what you try to do? And add it to your feature request?

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