Using Python Neo4j driver I am running:

from neo4j import GraphDatabase
driver = GraphDatabase.driver("neo4j://localhost:7687")
def query_engine(tx, query):
    res =
    values = [record for record in res]
    return values

def fuzzy_search(tx, search_expression):
    query = f"MATCH (n) WHERE ANY(x in keys(n) WHERE n[x] =~ '(i?){search_expression}.*') RETURN n"
    res = query_engine(tx, query)
    return res

with driver.session() as session:
    result = session.read_transaction(fuzzy_search, "kuku.*")


I know I need to add full text index to make it faster, please advise what is the best practice to define the full text index in Neo4j when I want to perform full graph search on the nodes/relations params? For example, I am searching for 'kuku' in my graph across all nodes and relations and if there are any nodes/relations that contain kuku, I would like to be able to return it as a result.

Additional info: I have added to all my nodes an additional label (FTIndex) and I am able to create a full text index, BUT(!), how can I config it to index ALL nodes available params + to be sure it will be updated if I will add new ones?