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Neo4j and ODBC connector on Windows?


Hi everyone, please i dont want to sound dumb but i am looking for a free ODBC driver which i could connect to neo4j database however searching online i found solutions that costs $$ and i need to install a custom JDBC driver...

Appreciate your support.


Hey Tarek,

Welcome to the community, unfortunately - it's not great news - there's no ODBC driver for Neo4j at the moment. The ones which cost are acting as a bridge, that convert the JDBC connections to ODBC.

What are you wanting to use ODBC for? There might be another solution instead?

All the best


Dear Chris, Appreciate your help. Thank you for welcoming me.
Ive developed a .net app thru visual studio that uses odbc SAP ASE driver, originally known as Sybase SQL Server, and also commonly known as Sybase DB or Sybase ASE. And im planning on migrating my app to neo4j DB. However i searched for an odbc driver for neo4j and all i found is commercial solutions while neo4j is an open source db

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Tarek,

OK, well - converting an app from an RDBMS solution to a Graph one is something I've done in the past - so first off - it is totally doable, and totally worth it.

The downside is that generally you can't do a straight 'swap' - it's important to think about the model in the graph that you want to work with - and I think you'll find that easier by swapping to the official .NET driver. Which is dependent on what you're coding in - as in - what version of .NET you're compiling with, and what version of Neo4j you intend to target.

What I would suggest is taking a bit of your code - maybe something like a 'user creation' section and write it using the Neo4j-Driver package.

Start small, see how it works - that's the best advice I can give.

Obviously - if you have trouble - ask and we can see what we can do!

All the best


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