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Java Reactive Session

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I am considering using the Reactive Sessions in my java application with Neo4j. I am using Neo4j 4.1 which supports multiple databases. With a synchronous session we can pass a SessionConfig that indicates the database to use for that session. In the examples for a Reactive session The session API - Neo4j Driver Manual I don't see any mechanism to pass the database name. Can someone show me how to achieve this with a Reactive Session?



The session API - Neo4j Driver Manual states

Sessions can be configured in a number of different ways. This is carried out by supplying configuration inside the session constructor. See [Session configuration]( for more details.

and clicking 'Session Configuration' leads to The session API - Neo4j Driver Manual which indicates

The database with which the session will interact. When you are working with a database which is not the default (i.e. the system database or another database in Neo4j 4.0 Enterprise Edition), you can explicitly configure the database which the driver is executing transactions against. See Operations Manual → The default database for more information on databases.

Default: the default database as configured on the server.
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