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How to fetch from neo4j database inside custom resolver

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Could someone help me understand how to reach out to my neo4j database to check if a user exists inside my custom resolver for login?

 Mutation: {
    register: async (_, { id, email, password }, context, info) => {
      const hashedPassword = await bcrypt.hash(password, 10);
      return neo4jgraphql(_, { id, email, password }, context, info);
    login: async (_, { email, password }, context, info) => {

      const user  =  //check neo4j database for existing user to log in
      if (!user) {
        return "user not found";

      const valid = await, user.password);
      if (!valid) {
        return null;

      const refreshToken = sign(
        { userId:, count: user.count },
          expiresIn: "30d"
      const accessToken = sign({ userId: }, ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET, {
        expiresIn: "1day"

      context.res.cookie("refresh-token", refreshToken);
      context.res.cookie("access-token", accessToken);

      return user;

I'm not sure how to reach the database when you need more than simply calling neo4jgraphql() in the return of the resolver.

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