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How to create nodes with labels that are dynamically assigned using Python driver

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my python code to create a node is 'CALL"merge (s:SHOT:$videoshot) return s", {'videoshot': 'Matrix'}' )

Want to create a Node with multiple labels, one of the labels is computed. running the above code gives the following error:

create shot exception {code: Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError} {message: Invalid input '{': expected "+" or "-" (line 1, column 60 (offset: 59))
"CALL"merge (s:SHOT:$videoshot) return s", {'videoshot': 'Matrix'}) - call apoc with params substitution is not working"                      ^

I am using since I found out that regular cypher does not support dynamic node labels. software version I am using are:
python driver version neo4j==4.3.5
python 3.8
OS - ubuntu 20.04

help would be much appreciated.


Labels cannot be used as regular Cypher parameters, unless you use functions such as APOC setLabels: apoc.create.setLabels - APOC Documentation.
You can also work around this with basic string concatenation, but make sure your labels are sanitized or else the code will be vulnerable to Cypher injections.

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