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How can I query Temporal types inside relationships?


Are the temporal types not meant to be used inside relationships?
I can query Strings and ids and nodes inside the relationship field but when I try to query a Date; Like when I try to access the year field in my relationship I get this

"Neo4jError: Variable `candidate_hasCertifications` not defined (line 1, column 262 (offset: 261))",
        "\"MATCH (`candidate`:`Candidate`:`Account` {id:$id}) RETURN `candidate` { .id ,hasCertifications: [(`candidate`)-[`candidate_hasCertifications_relation`:`HAS_CERTIFICATIONS`]->(:`Certification`:`Requirement`) | candidate_hasCertifications_relation {year: { year: `candidate_hasCertifications`.year.year }}] } AS `candidate`\"",

I see a problem when the generated cypher tries to access candidate_hasCertifications instead of candidate_hasCertifications_relation

I tried adding a @cypher directive but it wouldn't go through my custom resolver for the year field

I have the following schema defs

type Candidate {
//other defintitions
hasCertifications: [CandidateCertification]

type CandidateCertification @relation (name: "HAS_CERTIFICATIONS", from: "candidate", to: "certification") {
   candidate: Candidate
   certification: Certification
   year: Date

type Certification @additionalLabels(labels:["Requirement"]) {
  ofCandidates: [CandidateCertification]