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GraphQL-spring-boot example seems only to generate create mutations


I'm building a project on the neo4j-graphql-java library.

Running the graphql-spring-boot example inside the GitHub project of the neo4j-graphql-java (version 1.1.0) library, only results in a graphql interface with the expected queries, but not with the expected mutations: it only has the create mutations generated.

If I feed the same graphql schema (with some minor tweaks) in GRANDstack, many more mutations seem to be generated.

How can I get the java (kotlin) example to also generate the other mutations ?


Graph Steward

I think you'd have to add on to that package to make that happen. I'm not sure if it's being maintained or used on the same scale as the GRANDstack is.


Solved the problem.

Originally I used a schema generated using the neo4j-graphql-js (grand stack), with some small required modifications. But the id's of the nodes where defined in a different way ( as _id: Long!).

Long was not accepted in the java version of the library, so I used Int.

Now this seems to be the actual issue. I needed to define the id's as type ID and then the other mutations (more than just the create) where generated!