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GraphQL schema question

Node Clone

Have been trying to follow the Grandstack Movie example schema definitions and apply it to my project, but keep running into an error when I am using the following:
countBySubstring(substring: String): Int!
statement: "MATCH (c:Company) WHERE c.Name CONTAINS $substring RETURN COUNT(c)"
Is this approach not possible at the moment. Seems in GraphQL I should be able to simply return an integer representing the count of my label. Am I missing something in the schema def?

Thanks in advance.


Graph Steward

I've run into some similar issues. @William_Lyon responded to this thread with some helpful examples. Neo4j-grapql-js custom cypher query but mostly, the augmented schema isn't set up to return a scalar just objects.

Ah, that's what I thought, maybe it's coming sometime in the future. Thanks for clarifying, appreciate it.

Graph Fellow

We’ve got a fix for this merged in now, it will land in the next release (later today):