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GraphQL custom resolvers extending auto-generated resolvers

I'm using GraphQL on top of Neo4j with the @neo4j/graphql NodeJS library.

I'd like to implement custom resolvers that re-use the auto-generated resolvers, but then extend them by doing advanced filtering, augmenting the results,...

So simply put, in the example given here:

where it says "implement resolver here" I want to first get the results from the auto-generated resolver (also passing on any possible 'where' clause,...) and then do my own magic with it.

However I can't find how to call the auto-generated resolver from the custom resolver. It feels like it should be simple but I don't see it 😞

Any ideas?



Meanwhile, I've found that this is possible with the old neo4-graphql-js library in a very straight-forward manner:

import { neo4jgraphql } from 'neo4j-graphql-js';

const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    Movie(object, params, ctx, resolveInfo) {
      const movies = neo4jgraphql(object, params, ctx, resolveInfo);
      // do stuff with movies
      return movies;

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