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FLUTTER + Apollo + Neo4j + GRAPHQL

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Hello Team

I am developing a Social Network application. I am new to Front-End and don't know React/Angular. I recently learnt Flutter for cross platform mobile development.

With other post I see a possibility of FLUTTER + Apollo + Neo4j + GRAPHQL. Please confirm whether we can proceed?

Do we have official package for dpart/flutter?

Is Neo4j team planning for integrating with flutter/dart? If so when?

For now I am proceeding with FLUTTER + Apollo + Neo4j + GRAPHQL plan.


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Hello @sakhsen, sorry for the late reply.
Answering your question. Yes you can implement Neo4j with Flutter using Grandstack.
Check out Grandstack's website and you can use one of these two packages to implement graphql with flutter. Either graphql_flutter or Ferry also for query/mutation generation you can artemis.
As for Artemis package it will help you alot and make your code cleaner.
Here's a quick tutorial that can show you how to use it.

Hope this is helpfull and good luck on what you're doing.

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To whoever may have landed on this page, I am about to open up a role for this exact stack.
Flutter, GraphQL, Neo4j
We are in the social justice space, so you will have a high level of satisfaction if you value having a positive social impact as much as you enjoy coding. Please reach out to me if interested: